About Stroll Tech

We want to help make transportation for all of our members easy and affordable. Taxi prices as well as gas prices are at an all time high. Stroll offers military service members, local residents and visitors cheaper and easier travel options.

Stroll also provides new jobs, boosts the local economy, and gives all our members the opportunity to work independently and on their own time.

Military Service Members

We are here for you!

We know that while traveling it can be difficult finding transportation to and from places especially when you are on a tight schedule.

At Stroll Tech, You can conveniently book rides from your mobile device and with a few clicks – you can have a driver at your door ready to take you to your preferred destinations. 

We also know that it’s extremely difficult finding transportation that’s able to enter military installations. With Stroll Tech, we have permitted access to most military installations so you don’t ever have to worry as we are a transportation partner of the U.S. Armed Forces and USO. 

Stroll Tech will soon be available at all U.S. Military Bases World Wide. 

Choose Convenient and Affordable Transportation.

Choose Stroll Tech. 


Convenient, Inexpensive Journeys

Taxis exist, but the fares can add up the further you travel. We want to provide Strollers (that’s you!) with a better way to get around. Stay on schedule, pay a fair price, and enjoy a more comfortable and convenient ride. 

We operate with complete transparency – We let you know how we calculate your fare, where your money goes, and how we’re trying to give back to our military service members, tourists and local residents. There are no hidden costs – just easier and cheaper journeys for all.

Providing An Added Income Source For All

Stroll is also about giving back to all those in our community. We want to provide another income source for potential stroll drivers by offering a new work opportunity. 

Stroll drivers are their own bosses. They can work when they want for as long as they want. As a Stroll Driver – you also get access to exclusive promos or deals such as discounts on Gas, Food, Car Detailing Services and even flyer miles with our partners.