Benefits of Using Stroll Guam

Benefits of Using Stroll Guam

Why You Should Look Into Using Guam’s First Ride-Share App!

To many locals on Guam, the idea of a ride-share service on a tiny island in the middle of the pacific, is fairly new and quite unheard of – versus the many visitors who travel from afar that have experienced using a service such as Uber, Lyft and Grab – where you can set up a ride instantly using a mobile device.

In 2016, the CEO of Stroll (Mr. Amit Sachdev) with his team of Staff and Drivers- introduced Guam to the Stroll ride-sharing and on demand delivery app. Since then, the tech company has completed up to seventy-five thousand rides and will be expanding into other key services with new updates soon to become Guam’s very own one stop Super-App!


1. Stroll Provides New Income Sources For Guam Residents

Some Guam locals may say it is hard to find a job and believe that getting hired almost anywhere is nearly impossible without the right kind of experience. Some also say that it is pretty hard to work a regular 9 to 5 and have a second job that can work with their set schedules.

The most significant part of being a driver with Stroll is that you get to work on your own time. Yes! – that means you can clock in and out of work any time you like. You don’t have to worry about any set break or lunch schedules and you can go offline at any time. The requirements needed to become a driver are sent to those interested in driving for the company directly after signing up on their website.

2. You Can Set Up An Account & Get A Ride Within A Matter Of Minutes

Once you have downloaded the Stroll app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (FREE TO DOWNLOAD), all you have to do is register your account. It’s quick and easy.

At this point, the next step will be to book your first Stroll Ride by selecting your preferred pick-up and drop off locations and hitting the request ride button. You will then be brought to the summary page to confirm your requested fare details and will be given a Fare (Estimate) of the ride. Next, Hit the (Book Now) button and within a few minutes a driver will contact you via phone call or by direct in-app messaging of their ETA.

The driver will then advise that they have arrived at your location and once you’re safely in the vehicle, your Stroll driver will get you on your way to your desired destination.

3. Get A Stroll Anytime – 24/7

One of the best features that the Stroll app provides is the ability to book a ride for any day or time, right from your cell phone. You can also adjust the date and time up to a week out from the current date.

This gives riders a peace of mind when they wish to confirm a set request for an upcoming trip. Just simply click on the (clock) icon, located on the summary portion of the Stroll App.

4. Get Picked Up Anywhere!

Let’s say you need a ride and aren’t sure if Stroll services your particular area. While using the Stroll app, you can book a ride to and from anywhere on the island. Yes, Anywhere!

If you’re a local arriving back on Guam from vacation or a business trip, you can be picked up at the designated TNC/Ride-Share area located at the front of the AB Won Pat International Airport.
The same situation applies if you happen to be just a visitor looking to tour the amazing sights Guam has to offer and prefer not to drive, pay ridiculously expensive taxi rates, or spend a lot on renting a car.

If you’re a military service member that is stationed on the island, Stroll drivers have the ability to access both the Anderson Air Force Base in Yigo as well as Naval Station in Piti.


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