Stroll Guam launches new service; Stroll Courier, in time for the holidays

Guam’s first and leading technology service in ride-sharing (Stroll Guam) is pleased to announce the launch of our very own courier service which offers deliveries to residents and local businesses.

Guam – November 30, 2020 –  Stroll has searched for ways to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and our team has developed the island’s first Courier Service. In hopes to assist our local residents and businesses. We offer delivery options for items such as packages, documents, gifts, letters etc. With the holiday season among us, we realize how difficult it is to visit our loved ones and how hard it is to complete personal and business errands these days. We wish to deliver your gifts to your loved ones during this holiday season and support local businesses and deliver their items to customers.

With our soft launch on Monday – October 26, 2020, Residents and local businesses can now officially send in courier requests. We offer multiple types of booking options such as via the Stroll Guam Website, Whatsapp Business, Over the phone bookings, and through our social media platforms at Stroll Guam.

We hope to continue to provide our island residents and businesses with the very best services possible. Stroll Guam will also continue to offer ride-sharing services to our local communities and military service members.

Si Yu’os Ma’ase.

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